A little about us…

Howrah Men’s Shed exists to serve its members

It is an incorporated association with over seventy members. Some attend once a month, others several times a week. Members have a wide-range of skills from spinning the best yarn to be an expert wood craftsman.

We welcome new adult members regardless of race, creed, sexual preference or age.

Whether or not you wish to spend time making your favourite project such as a toy for a grand-child, or just drop in for a chat and a cup of tea/coffee – that’s fine.

We have the Shed, the tools and equipment you need.  Our members have the experience, knowledge and training to get you started once you have been inducted.

Community Involvement and Partnerships

The Shed is adjacent to the Howrah Community Centre and schools, and partners with the Southern Support School and Howrah Primary School to provide things like equipment maintenance that is outside the services provided by the Education Department.

A special paid project was undertaken to construct sand and play tables for the Risdon Vale primary school. This also provided an opportunity to involve some senior students from the Lutheran Secondary College in Flagstaff Gully who assisted in constructing some of the tables for the smaller primary students as part of community involvement for Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

Assistance has been provided to Howrah Bowls Club by refurbishing some of their outdoor seating and notice boards.

Another project involved constructing bird boxes to support the Save Our Swifties initiative in conjunction with Hobart College, UTAS and ANU.

While not often actively seeking projects the general community is well aware of the shed’s existence and the support it is able to provide.

Some of these initiatives have also resulted in small fund raising opportunities as some items were subsequently made available to the general public.